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UC Double the Pell

Support a New Hospital at UCSF Parnassus Heights

UCSF is moving forward with its 30-year plan to modernize the University’s Parnassus Heights campus – including a new state-of-the-art hospital at UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center. Participate in upcoming community meetings for the new hospital and engage with this project early.

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expand financial aid to more students

UC and the UC Student Association (UCSA) are partnering on “Double the Pell,” an effort to call on Congress to increase its investment in the federal Pell Grant. By increasing the maximum Pell Grant award to $13,000 within the next three federal fiscal years, students will be less inclined to take out loans, and more likely to graduate without a mountain of debt.

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share in gratitude 

Share your thanks and appreciation for those who are rising up to help during the COVID-19 outbreak by providing care, research, education and other work that is essential to saving lives and keeping our communities safe. Maybe you have a neighbor who calls to check up on you, or a friend in the medical field working on the frontlines – let’s honor their contributions!

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Advocacy Guidelines

UCSF’s research and advocacy plays an important role in shaping public policy. However, as a 501(c)(3) and a state entity, there are legal restrictions on the types of political activities UCSF employees can engage in on behalf of UCSF. Follow these guidelines to be successful when advocating in your UCSF and person capacities.

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UCSF Advocates

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Now more than ever, it is critical that #UCSFStandsUp and speaks out to help shape local, state, and federal policies that promote our core mission of healthcare, scientific research, education, and public service.

Join us to find opportunities to connect with local, state, and federal lawmakers, participate in advocacy events and trainings, and receive our newsletter with actions you can take to advocate for policy change.

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UC Advocacy Network

UCSF also is part of the UC Advocacy Network, which engages community members to help highlight the impact of UC's contributions to government officials and policymakers in Sacramento and Washington D.C. Stay informed about issues relevant to the UC system.

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